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Introduction to Elementor

Elementor is a powerful WordPress page builder that has revolutionized the way users design and manage their websites. Launched in 2016, it quickly rose to prominence by providing an intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows both novices and professional web designers to create stunning, responsive websites without needing to write a single line of code. As a plugin, Elementor extends the functionality of WordPress by adding versatile drag-and-drop capabilities, which enable users to implement complex design features easily.

What sets Elementor apart from other page builders is its robust suite of features that can be tailored to suit a variety of needs, from simple blog layouts to intricate e-commerce sites. Its popularity is also buoyed by a vibrant community of developers and designers who continuously enhance its array of widgets and templates.

In this review, we will delve deep into the aspects that make Elementor a go-to choice for website building: its ease of use, pricing structure, comprehensive features, compatibility with other plugins, and the quality of customer support offered. Our goal is to provide you with insightful analysis to determine whether Elementor is the right tool for your web development needs.

Ease of Use

One of the standout features of Elementor is its exceptional ease of use, which makes it an attractive option for both beginners and experienced web designers. Here’s a breakdown of how Elementor scores on usability:

User Interface

Elementor UI

Elementor’s user interface is clean, intuitive, and well-organized, making it straightforward for users to find and utilize its features. The left-hand panel, where most of the action happens, is neatly divided into sections for elements, templates, and global settings. This sidebar approach allows users to drag and drop widgets onto their page directly, seeing real-time changes as they edit.

Visual Editor

Elementor Visual Editor

The visual editor is a key highlight, offering a true WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) experience. Users can click on any element on their page to edit it directly in the view they would see as if the website were live. This direct manipulation of text, images, and even spacing without switching tabs or previews reduces the design time significantly.

Responsiveness Controls

Elementor Responsive Controls

Elementor provides advanced responsiveness controls that enable users to optimize their sites for all devices. Users can toggle between desktop, tablet, and mobile views, adjusting elements so they look perfect on any screen. This feature is invaluable in today’s mobile-first world, ensuring that designs are universally compatible and accessible.

Learning Curve

For absolute beginners, Elementor offers a gentle learning curve. Most users find that they can start building basic pages within a few hours of using it, thanks to the extensive documentation, tutorial videos, and tips integrated right into the dashboard. The community forums and extensive online resources also play a crucial role in helping new users get up to speed quickly.

Overall, Elementor’s design philosophy is about reducing complexity and enabling creativity. The seamless integration with WordPress, combined with its drag-and-drop functionality, makes it possible for anyone with a basic understanding of WordPress to create professional-looking websites without any coding knowledge.


Elementor offers a flexible pricing structure designed to accommodate the needs of different users, from freelancers and small business owners to large enterprises. Let's delve into the various pricing tiers and what each offers:

Free Version

Elementor’s free version provides a solid foundation for those new to page building or with limited budgets. It includes basic widgets and templates that enable users to create simple yet effective websites. The free version is quite generous compared to many other WordPress page builders, allowing users to experience the intuitive design interface and core functionalities without any financial commitment.

Pro Versions

Elementor Pricing

Elementor offers a variety of plans tailored to different types of users, from individual site owners to large agencies. Each plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing peace of mind to users as they decide whether Elementor fits their needs. Let's review the updated pricing and features of each plan:

Essential Plan - $59 USD / Year

  • Features: Suitable for individual site owners, this plan covers everything a basic website would need to get started.
  • Benefits:
    • 1 Site License
    • Premium Support
    • 50 Pro Widgets
    • Theme Builder
    • Dynamic Content
    • Form Builder
  • Limitations: Does not include Popup Builder, Custom Code & CSS, Ecommerce Features, or Collaborative Notes.

Advanced Plan - $99 USD / Year

  • Features: Designed for professional websites and small e-commerce setups, this plan supports up to three sites.
  • Benefits:
    • Up to 3 Sites
    • Premium Support
    • 82 Pro Widgets
    • Theme Builder
    • Dynamic Content
    • Form Builder
    • Popup Builder
    • Custom Code & CSS
    • Ecommerce Features
    • Collaborative Notes

Expert Plan - $199 USD / Year

  • Features: This plan is targeted at freelancers and small businesses who manage multiple sites.
  • Benefits:
    • Up to 25 Sites
    • Premium Support
    • 82 Pro Widgets
    • Theme Builder
    • Dynamic Content
    • Form Builder
    • Popup Builder
    • Custom Code & CSS
    • Ecommerce Features
    • Collaborative Notes

Agency Plan - $399 USD / Year

  • Features: Ideal for high-growth agencies and large-scale operations, supporting up to 1000 sites.
  • Benefits:
    • Up to 1000 Sites
    • Premium Support
    • 82 Pro Widgets
    • Theme Builder
    • Dynamic Content
    • Form Builder
    • Popup Builder
    • Custom Code & CSS
    • Ecommerce Features
    • Collaborative Notes

Value Analysis

Each of these plans offers increasing value with the scale of use. Starting from basic site functionalities in the Essential plan to extensive support for a large number of sites and advanced features in the Agency plan, Elementor caters to a broad audience. The step-wise feature inclusion across the plans allows users to choose based on their specific needs without paying for unnecessary extras.

The pricing structure reflects a thoughtful segmentation that addresses the diverse needs of Elementor users, from solo entrepreneurs to large agencies, making it a versatile tool for various business sizes and types.

Elementor also occasionally offers discounts, especially during holidays or special events, which can make it even more accessible for users on a tight budget.


Elementor is packed with an array of features that cater to a broad spectrum of design needs, from basic text editing to complex interactive functionalities. Here's an in-depth look at some of the key features that make Elementor a standout choice for WordPress users:

1. Comprehensive Widget Library

Elementor Widget Library

Elementor's widget library is extensive, offering over 90 widgets in the Pro version that can be used to add functionality and design elements to your pages. These include basic widgets like headings, images, and text blocks, as well as more complex items like sliders, carousels, and social media icons. The variety ensures that virtually any component a user might need is readily available.

2. Responsive Design Controls

The tool provides robust responsive design options, allowing you to adjust settings for various devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) independently. This ensures that your website looks great and functions flawlessly across all devices, a critical feature in today’s mobile-centric world.

3. Theme Builder

Elementor Theme Builder

With Elementor Pro, users gain access to a powerful theme builder. This allows for the creation of custom headers, footers, and other dynamic content areas across the site. It extends the functionality beyond just pages and posts, enabling a fully customized website that stands out from standard WordPress themes.

4. WooCommerce Builder

Elementor WooCommerce Builder

For e-commerce sites, Elementor’s WooCommerce builder is invaluable. It lets you design bespoke product and archive pages, bringing a unique look and feel to your online store that can be finely tuned to enhance user experience and drive sales.

5. Pop-up Builder

The pop-up builder in Elementor Pro goes beyond basic lightboxes or sign-up forms. It allows for the creation of modal pop-ups, fly-ins, and full-screen welcome mats, all of which can be customized to trigger based on user actions, such as time on site, scroll depth, or exit intent.

6. Global Widgets and Styles

This feature enables you to create a widget with your custom preferences and reuse it throughout the site. If you update the global widget, it automatically updates everywhere it’s used. Combined with global styles for colors and fonts, this ensures a consistent look and feel across all pages and reduces design time.

7. Integrations and SEO Optimization

Elementor seamlessly integrates with most popular marketing tools, WordPress plugins, and social platforms. It also ensures that websites are optimized for SEO, with clean code and necessary metadata fields easily editable.

These features, among many others, make Elementor a versatile tool, capable of handling everything from simple blogs to complex enterprise websites. Each update brings enhancements and new functionalities, continually expanding what you can achieve with this powerful builder.


Elementor's compatibility with other WordPress themes and plugins is a crucial factor contributing to its popularity and usability within the WordPress ecosystem. Here’s how Elementor ensures seamless integration and performance across various tools and platforms:

Theme Compatibility

Elementor is designed to work seamlessly with virtually all WordPress themes. This flexibility allows users to choose their preferred theme without worrying about compatibility issues. Elementor essentially overrides the basic design elements of themes, providing its own styling and layout options which can significantly enhance or transform the theme’s original appearance.

Notably, Elementor works exceptionally well with themes that are specifically optimized for it, such as Hello Elementor, Astra, and OceanWP. These themes are designed to be lightweight and highly customizable, making them ideal companions for Elementor, particularly when speed and efficiency are priorities.

Plugin Integration

Elementor’s compatibility extends to a wide range of WordPress plugins, ensuring that users can add functionality without conflicts. Key integrations include:

  • WooCommerce: As previously mentioned, Elementor's WooCommerce builder integrates deeply with WooCommerce, offering extensive customization options for online stores.
  • Yoast SEO: Elementor works well with Yoast SEO, allowing users to optimize their content directly within the Elementor editor, which is vital for maintaining good SEO practices.
  • WPML and Polylang: For multilingual websites, Elementor supports popular translation plugins like WPML and Polylang, making it easier to manage and translate content right from the Elementor interface.

Performance and Optimizations

While Elementor adds a layer of complexity with its advanced features, it is optimized to ensure that it does not significantly impact website performance. Elementor is regularly updated to maintain compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and other major plugins, enhancing security and performance.

Developers also appreciate Elementor's extensive API, which allows for custom extensions and integrations. This adaptability makes Elementor not just a tool for site builders but also a platform for developers to create custom solutions for their clients.

Support for Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Elementor also integrates well with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), enabling developers to create more dynamic content layouts that leverage custom fields within Elementor's design templates.

This level of compatibility makes Elementor a versatile tool, adaptable to a broad range of website development needs, from basic blogging sites to complex e-commerce platforms.

Customer Support

Effective customer support is essential for any software, particularly when it caters to a range of users from novices to professionals. Elementor recognizes this need and offers several layers of support to ensure users can resolve issues and get the most out of their tool. Here's an overview of the customer support options Elementor provides:

Documentation and Resources

Elementor offers extensive documentation that covers every aspect of its functionality. The knowledge base is comprehensive and well-organized, making it easy for users to find information on specific features, troubleshooting steps, and best practices for using Elementor. These resources are constantly updated to reflect the latest changes and features.

Community Support

Elementor has a vibrant community of users, ranging from professional web developers to new users. The Elementor Community on Facebook, for instance, is an active group where users can ask for help, share their experiences, and provide tips and solutions to each other. This peer support enhances the overall user experience, as practical, real-world advice is readily available.

Premium Support

For users who opt for Elementor Pro, premium support is included. This service offers more direct contact with Elementor’s support team through a ticket-based system. The response time is generally quick, with support staff skilled in providing technical assistance, troubleshooting issues, and offering advice on best practices. This level of support is particularly valuable for professional website builders who rely on timely assistance to maintain their projects.

Training and Webinars

Elementor also provides training sessions and webinars that help users understand how to maximize their use of the tool. These educational resources are valuable for both beginners and experienced users, as they cover a range of topics from basic design principles to advanced features.

Developer Support

Developers who build extensions for Elementor or integrate Elementor into their projects have access to detailed developer resources and a robust developer community. This includes extensive API documentation, code reference materials, and forums dedicated to development topics.

Elementor's approach to customer support is designed to ensure that all users, regardless of their skill level or professional needs, can receive the assistance they need. This support infrastructure significantly enhances the user experience and contributes to the platform's popularity.


Elementor has established itself as a leading WordPress page builder thanks to its comprehensive features, flexibility, and user-friendliness. Whether you're a beginner looking to build your first website or a professional designer creating advanced sites for clients, Elementor offers tools and functionalities that cater to a wide range of needs.


  • Ease of Use: The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes Elementor accessible to users of all skill levels, significantly reducing the learning curve associated with web design.
  • Pricing: With a generous free version and reasonably priced pro tiers, Elementor provides excellent value for money. The different pricing levels are designed to suit various user needs and budgets.
  • Features: A robust set of features, including a comprehensive widget library, responsive design controls, theme builder, and WooCommerce integration, make Elementor a versatile choice for creating professional-quality websites.
  • Compatibility: Excellent compatibility with a wide range of WordPress themes and plugins ensures that Elementor fits seamlessly into the WordPress ecosystem without causing conflicts.
  • Customer Support: Elementor's extensive documentation, active community support, and responsive premium support for Pro users all combine to provide a solid support framework.

Rating: 4.5/5

Elementor receives a high rating for its extensive functionalities, ease of use, and strong customer support. The half-point deduction comes from the occasional performance issues when handling very complex sites and the learning curve associated with some of its more advanced features, which may be slightly daunting for complete beginners.


For those considering other options, alternatives like Divi, Beaver Builder, and WPBakery offer similar drag-and-drop page building capabilities. Each has its unique strengths and pricing structures, so depending on your specific needs, they might be worth exploring.

Elementor stands out as a top choice for anyone looking to enhance their WordPress site with a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use page builder. Its ongoing updates and improvements reflect a commitment to quality and user satisfaction, making it a worthy investment for any web designer or content creator.

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